How to choose the best credit card deal for you

If you decide to apply for a credit card, you will be faced with hundreds of different credit card deals and types, and it may not be so easy finding the right one, which will suit all your needs and also provide you with a range of different possibilities. In order to help you choose among all the card deals you may encounter, in this article we will offer you several criteria to pay attention to, in order to choose the card which you will find useful and beneficial.

First of all, applying for a credit card will be successful only if your credit rating is satisfactory. Every credit card issuer will require you to sign a contract which is legally binding. The elements of the contract include the details about the credit card deal, so before you sign it, make sure to check the following: the credit limit, the method of interest calculation and whether is fixed or variable, the annual percentage rate, the grace period duration and all the fees you need to pay.

All of these details influence on your monthly expenditure on card and your habits may influence whether you will choose a certain card or not. There are also many credit card issuers that offer a promotional period where 0% interest is paid, so make sure to explore all your options and compare the terms under which each credit card company issues their cards.

You can take one of the many reward cards, which provide you with an opportunity of earning reward points which can later be used for various purposes. The points work so that with every dollar spent you get a certain number of points, which are constantly cumulated. When you reach a certain number of points, you can be granted various discounts in stores of all sorts. Also, you can get discounts if you are a traveler, so you can book rooms on lower price or get certain special benefits in hotels around the world.

There are also reward cards for regular flyers, which collect the free miles every time you pay an airplane ticket with your card, and after you collect a certain number of miles, you can use them to get an airplane card with a very high discount, or even for free. Depending on your preferences, check which credit card company grants points for which stores or airlines, so that you can adjust it to your own needs.

There is also a possibility of taking a cash back credit card. With such card, you are not required to pay by credit card and cumulate points. Instead of points, you get a certain amount of cash each month, and you can spend it as you like rather than in predetermined stores or airlines. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between a point reward card and a cash back card.

When you choose a credit card, make sure to explore all the possibilities, and since there are so many credit cards available, you are certain to find the one that will fit the needs you have as a card user.

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Fixed-rate mortgages

A mortgage is one of the most common means of getting a loan, usually for the purpose of buying a home. Since the mortgage is so commonly used, there are several types or mortgage deals, each of which can further be divided into mortgages of different terms and conditions. The most basic division of mortgages can be drawn between fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages, and in this article we will deal with the characteristics, pros and cons of the former.

Fixed-rate mortgages, also known as traditional mortgages, are mortgage deals where the interest rate is fixed, which means that it does not fluctuate over the years and it does not follow the official rates. As a result, the amount of the monthly installment you pay for the mortgage also does not change, and it remains identical as long as the mortgage agreement lasts.

When it comes to the duration of fixed-rate mortgage agreements, they can vary significantly, and take the period from 10 to as much as 50 years for the repayment. Most people think that they are obliged to sign long-term agreements when taking a mortgage, such as 30-year or 40-year agreement, but depending on your funds and monthly incomes, it does not have to be the case.

The interest rate of a fixed-rate mortgage is determined according to several factors, such as:
• Your credit rating – it is common for many types of loans that the lender checks your financial history, your income and credit rating, so the fixed-rate mortgage is no exception. Based on these criteria, the interest rate of the mortgage will be determined.
• Prevailing interest rates at the moment of the agreement – with adjustable-rate mortgages, the interest rate changes as the prevailing interest rate changes. With a traditional mortgage, the interest rate is fixed from the moment of signing the agreement, and it is partially based on the prevailing interest rate at that moment.
• Who pays for the closing costs – if you choose to include certain costs into the interest rate, such as having the bank cover your closing costs, the amount of interest will be slightly higher.
• Private mortgage insurance – you can also pay slightly higher interest rate if you decide to use lender-paid mortgage insurance, which is another way of the bank covering your costs.

Naturally, just like any other type of loan, this one also has its advantages and disadvantages, determined by various factors. One of the most obvious advantages is that the interest rate does not change over the years. It makes it easier for the borrower to plan and distribute the available funds, because the monthly installment of the mortgage never changes.

With adjustable-rate mortgages it often happens that the prevailing interest rates rise, which makes the installment rise as well, while with fixed-rate mortgages the installment remains the same despite the rise in the prevailing interest rate. When it comes to disadvantages, traditional mortgages can have high up-front costs and the comparable interest rate is usually higher than for the adjustable-rate mortgages.

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Short with money

Many people that receive monthly sallary have thesame issue when it comes to final few days near the next payout. In these days, even such ordinary little shopping can be problematic, because the funds are coming to a minimum level until the payout date comes. When you count in some unplanned expenses that may occur during the month, it is not strange that such situations without cly presents. There is always a possibility of loaning some cash from relatives or friends, but it is known that such loanings, especially if they become usuall practice, may harm the atmosphere of relations between people, even to make friendships to turn off or collapse.

So, it was the matter of time when when the market will be enriched by companies that help people in such unpleasant situations. A lot of people experienced that unpleasant situation of being unable to pay a bill in store , with no cash in the pockets, and all of that bank credit cards tend to be empty or insufficient funds. Everyone would gladly avoid such dishonored situations.

The whole idea of short term loaning is all about quick payout and short loan repayment time. When it comes to the stage of desperate need for money, it appears that the situation is that bad that it can not be beaten. But now, it is not the case, because now there is somebody to rely on when it comes to times without cash. Fast granted cash amounts are usually that step that divides people from complete monthly financial stability. Basic monthly expenses are not the only reason to consider payday loan, because when there is two or more family members, monthly costs are divided and more easy to pay.

But perhaps, it may come to the situation of job exchange, or sick benefit, or just short breakdown between two jobs, where the financial trouble could find its place. So, that is another situation which is now acceptable, when there are payday loan companies which will meet the clients needs and give him the right and most respodent solution to temporarily financial issues.

Another situation which will render payday loan opportunity as very handy is when you wish to buy something, and you are low on cash. For instance, you have found fine ’97 Chevy Maliby for your first car, but you are short a few hundreds. No problem, with quick short term loand, you just take the cash, go and make that purchase, and give the money when your next salary arrives, or even to divide the loan amount in two or three instalments.

If you make such deal, you can return the cash with single delayed payment, and the only thing that makes the difference is company’s interest, which is usually some small amount comparing to the main amount.

You might watched the movie „ Yes man“ with Jim Carrey. Well, the principe of payday loaning companies is the same as in the movie – to enable oridinary people to get those little things they want, bikes, skates, phones, PCs, etc. or if someone is in serious trouble with financial difficulties because of small cash amounts. Don’t worry any more, payday loan companies will meet your needs.

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2 Useful Advices on How to Use Payday Loans Appropriately

1.Think About the Problem: What is the Reason for Taking Out Your Payday Loan?

Payday-LoanWhen concerning the payday loan it is very important to know about the exceptionally high interest levels that arise from the idea of a payday loan. Almost every consumer is to pay up to four hundred percent of interest on a 2-week loan of around hundred dollars. These excessive rates can often lure unwary borrowers that found themselves in a needless repetitive-debt-cycle that is usually worsen when the reason for their primary loan was only to cover a cash flow reduction. If this is the case, and one raises a loan just for general expenses of living and not for an unexpected and single expenditure item, then one will shortly find himself/herself trying to find an exit out of a consumer debt.


So try estimating why you are taking out a loan for, and if you secure a short-term loan with considerable interest is the greatest way to accomplish your goal. Firstly, payday loans can be an effective way of making an unexpected buying and offering short-term help to a financial crisis. However, payday loans are completely inappropriate for assisting you with settling monthly bills and/or expenses of living. If you take out payday loans for this purpose, then you are risking to either defaulting on your payment or raising a further loan when you have refunded the initial one.

  1. Pay Attention to Detail!Are You Able to Refund the Interest?

The interest matter is always critical, and despite that a great number of countries have implemented stringent caps on loan sums and the total sums are refundable, there is no any national guideline that will regulate the payday loan. Thinking about this, the interest rates can vary wildly between various countries, beginning at around 237% and going upwards; this depends on the separate lender and the agreement duration. So, it is very significant to comprehend this before taking out the loan, and calculate the total sum of money that would be refundable at the end of the agreement you previously made.


How to Use Payday Loans Appropriately

It is thought that the typical yearly percentage rate on a credit card is at thirteen percent; The Wall Street Journal claims that loans of bank are usually refunded at an average limit of thirty nine percent. The huge and different interest levels that are applied to payday loans can make it  exceptionally hard to calculate and to refund the total amount due.

You should read and retain every fine print that is associated with your agreement of certain loan every time; also, you need to make sure that you are completely conscious  of how much will be the total amount due and on what certain date time. This is to assist you in discerning it is an agreement you should stick to; also, it may help you repaying it as it is required.

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